Training program 11 Mester

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Training program 11 Mester

Level 1 - Practitioner level 1


Warm up

  • Change hands exercises (from beginning to the ones above shoulders)
  • Strikes with steps
    • Forehand, backhand, forward, backward, redondo, left hand

Strikes with steps and turns (strike, step, turn, forehand, backhand)

  • heavy sticks forehand, forehand-backhand-right-left, down-up-right-left, 4 step sinawali right and left
  • 50 strikes with each hand

Female triangle, up, up, down, down, 10

6 wide, 5 narrow


  • from beginning to double-doubles
  • in pairs, standing or with steps, closed eyes

11 Mester stick attack form

Level 2 - Practitioner level 2

All change hands exercises

Strikes with steps and turns

Largo – forward, backward, inside, outside, leg stretches

Heavy sticks, +70 with sinawalis

X-order from beginning to passes

11 Mester attack and defense forms in solo and in pairs

Inside sweep drill, outside sweep drill

“Blowzy” dragon – right side

Largo form

Level 3 - Practitioner level 3

Warm up - Change hands exercises (all)

Strikes with steps, turns

Largo – forward, backward, inside, outside, leg stretches


  • with passes of: X, left only, right only, crossada, broken crossada, crossada contradas right
  • in place, with steps, female triangle, male triangle, tie

Abecedario, abecedario crossada contradas

Heavy sticks – simples, forehand, backhand, redondo * 10 + doubles

Sinawalis: 4, 6x3, 7-14, variations

11 Mester form – 1,2,3,4, in solo, in pairs

Roof drill, shield drill


  • X-order, in place, on tie – 1 technique in each round
  • 11 Mester form – attack, defense, counterattacks
  • Inside sweep drill, outside sweep drill

Level 4 – Instructor level 1

All the above, confidently, with exemplary demonstration

X-order on wrists

Tie – one technique in each round

Carenza, free flow

‘Rumpled’ Tiger

Tresellos lobtik witik lobtik

11 Mester cuts

  • X,
  • 8 – up-up, up-down, down-up, down-down
  • abaniko - up-up, up-down, down-up, down-down
  • redondo
  • floretti

11 Mester form, 4-sinawali and 11 Mester cuts – in one exercise, in place, with steps, on tie

11 Mester form ‘absolute values’

Same exercises with knives

+ questions from the examiner

Level 5 – Instructor level 2

8 cuts, 4 defenses

Stars – punyo short, long, redondo, sunkite, punyo in 6 directions

X-order with one strike and 2 techniques in each round

Panastas knife

11 Mester form ‘absolute values’ + sinawali

ABC Contradas crossada + The art of counter-cuts

X-order in horse stance


  • 5-step sumbrada with steps
  • 3-step upper mixed sumbrada
  • 3-step lower mixed sumbrada
  • 3-step upper sumbrada
  • 5-step sumbrada


Punyo redondo

Abanico side changes