FMA - Philippine martial arts

Filipínská bojová umění
Philippine Martial Arts

What is FMA?

FMA are Filipino martial arts, which we know under different names - kali, arnis, eskrima, panantukan, sikaran, dumog... These are martial arts that teach mastery of sticks, knives and unarmed limbs. The techniques incredibly develop left-right coordination, reflexes and the ability to combine.

Our style is called the School of 11 Masters. Based on his frequent trips to the Philippines and training with the greatest living masters today, guro Peter Nemeth created this style to be able to pass on his skills in Europe to people who don't spend hours and hours in the field every day chopping with a machete, and who haven't learned the technique since they were 4 years old in their great-grandfather's backyard.

The name: 11 Mester has always been an homage to my masters.
I was lucky to have been able to learn from many remarkable masters.
I think it is a respectful name and it makes me remember to all those masters who had taught me with great respect.
I feel gratefulness to those people who taught me for years and I also feel grateful to some of the masters who I had met only once during a seminar.
I feel grateful to those masters who taught me a system, an aspect or method or a technique.
I feel grateful to those who taught me, inspired me and answered my questions or who broadened my barriers with new aspects and questions. I feel grateful for the infinite patience They gave me. They taught me, corrected me and helped me for one thousand and one times.
I learned and teach QUALITY besides all. Besides all the techniques, methods, systems, aspects and world views.
I view myself as a student because I am a student in view of all the masters who I had learned from and keep learning from. I accept the fact that there are people who study from me and they accept me as their master.
I attempt to fulfill both of these statuses.
The name: “11 Mester” means the following to me:
11 possibilities, 11 bows, 11 ways and 11 methods.
Any kind of martial art is a tool. It is such a tool that you can learn yourself by paying attention to yourself, by understanding yourself, by bettering yourself and by changing yourself. By the word: “yourself” I mean your own consciousness, your body and your emotions.
Martial art is the art of changing.

11Mester Eskrima Kali Arnis / Guro Németh Péter


There is no equivalent for english. Czech text: Zrušení tréninku v Bystřici u Benešova 10.1.2024
January 10, 2024
There is no equivalent for english. Czech text:

Dobrý den, moc se omlouvám, ale dnešní trénink musím zrušit z důvodu nemoci. Děkuji za pochopení a uvidíme se příští týden.
Hezký den.

author: Adéla Kubátová
November 3, 2023

We have added a videogallery with videos from all styles.

author: Vladimír Laš
start of the new school year
September 7, 2023

Dear students,

All training sessions are slowly getting underway this school year. You can see the current status of all training sessions on our website. Please note the slight changes in times. So don''t delay and see you at the trainings soon!

Your master and the team of teachers and assistants !

author: Martin Zámečník
There is no equivalent for english. Czech text: Letní tréninky
June 14, 2023
There is no equivalent for english. Czech text:

Rozpis letních tréninků naleznete na hlavní stránce v části Tréninky.

author: Vladimír Laš
There is no equivalent for english. Czech text: zrušení tréninků
May 2, 2023
There is no equivalent for english. Czech text:

Z důvodu soustředění STM odpadají všechny středeční tréninky na Campanusu a ve čtvrtek bude trénink zkrácen do 19:55. Připomínám, že o prodlouženém víkendu tréninky také odpadají, jak již bylo oznámeno dříve.

author: Martin Zámečník

"In my martial arts travels, I have repeatedly encountered FMA and have been surprised by the speed, effectiveness and how they simply engage the brain in a completely different way. I first met guro Peter Nemeth in 2018 as part of his teaching for the European Kyusho Academy and since then I have regularly attended his seminars, camps, public and private classes mainly in Budapest where he lives, often accompanied by my student and colleague Zdenek Pavelka. Guro Peter held his first FMA seminar in the Czech Republic in 2021 and since this year we have also been practicing FMA in Prague with a small group of people who sometimes like to hit each other not only on the hands and quite often don't know where their right and left hands are :)"

Martin Zámečník

Feel free to join us. You don't need much more than a willingness to learn!


Trainings are suitable for all age categories without the need of previous martial arts experience. For preschool children we recommend the participation of older sibling, parents or grandparents.

  • Monday 11:45 - 12:45 - Tipsport Beroun (only for employee of Tipsport)
  • Wensday 12:00 - 13:00 - Tipsport Beroun (nly for employee of Tipsport)
  • Wensday 19:00 – 19:45 - Balintawak - ZŠ Campanus, Praha 11
  • Wensday 19:45 – 20:30 - 11 mester, Baraw Sugbo - ZŠ Campanus, Praha 11
  • Friday 17:30 – 19:00 - Sportovní hala Beztahov
  • Sunday 16:00 – 17:00 - ZŠ Campanus, Praha 11 in these terms:
    • 12. 11. 2023 - 15:00 - 16:50
    • 17. 11. 2023 - 19:00 - Beztahov
    • 8. 12. 2023 - 18:00 - 20:00
    • 23. 12. 2023 - 18:00 - 20:00
    • 24. 12. 2023 - dopoledne po dohodě předem
    • 28.1.
    • 4.2.
    • 10.2.
    • 17.3.
    • 24.3.
    • 7.4.
    • 21.4.
    • 5.5. (Beztahov)
    • 19.5.
    • 2.6.
    • 9.6.


25th - 26th May 2024
Registered people: 1
Camp by the sea, Spain
23rd Jun - 5th Jul 2024
Deadline pro slevy: 15. 3. 2024
Registered people: 16
seminar GM Nick Elizar, Belgium
10th - 11th Aug 2024
FMA Festival with the Legends
13th - 18th Aug 2024
Registered people: 6
seminar GM Nick Elizar, Austria
24th - 25th Aug 2024
Weekend Haidong Gumdo and FMA
25th - 27th Dec 2024


Tution-fee are required for participation in regular trainings, trainings at GBHS camps, special weekends and exams. Tuition-fee must be paid for each month of teaching started, regardless of how often you go or do not go to training. The first training is a trial.

The annual tuition fee is for the period August to July of the following year. Half-yearly are August - January and February - July.

Teachers and assistants have a 100% discount. The second member of the family has a discount of 25%, the third member 50%, the fourth member 75%, the fifth and each additional member 100%. One family is defined as 2 parents and children living in the same household.

A new member pays 1500 CZK in the semester in which he/she first comes to the training. Newcomers in January and July can pay this fee in the next semester.

By paying a lifetime membership, you get the opportunity to register for free in all other martial arts offered by our school and receive a 20% discount on renting our center in Beztahov.

A member paying an annual or semi-annual membership receives a 10% discount on renting our center at Beztahov.

It is possible to pay at the trainings in cash to the teacher or to an account with the name for whom and what you pay for in the note. For example, "Jan Žižka tuition FMA".

Account number : 2001870779
Bank code : 2010
Newcommer Annual fee Semestral fee Keeping membership Lifetime membership
1 500 CZK 4 800 CZK 2 700 CZK 1 500 CZK 99 999 CZK


Martin Zámečník
+420 603 302 739